Trump tax agenda threatens the planet

Trump tax agenda threatens the planet

Climate and clean air could be collateral damage of GOP tax reform push

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the House Leadership unveils its FY2018 Budget Resolution, including instructions to push ahead with tax reform and to raise revenue from drilling, a new analysis from Friends of the Earth highlights the dangers reconciliation poses to the environment.

“Cutting taxes on corporations and the super-rich is one of Trump’s biggest priorities,” said Lukas Ross, Climate and Energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth.“Ramming this agenda through Congress could have disastrous consequences for clean air and a livable climate.”

The analysis documents three unique threats to air, water, wildlife and the climate that could arise if tax legislation using reconciliation, a powerful procedural tool capable of bypassing the Senate’s filibuster, is brought to bear.

  • Defunding renewable energy tax credits
  • Protecting billions in tax incentives for Big Oil and other polluters
  • Mandating public lands giveaways through the reconciliation process

“Stopping this polluter agenda is a critical task for the resistance against Trump,” added Ross. “Fiscal policy is one of the most dangerous weapons for reversing our progress on climate and serving the interests of corporate polluters.”

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