New analysis reveals that the cost of CO2 is at least 15 times the amount that Biden currently supports

A new analysis finds the social cost of carbon is at least 15 times the amount the Biden Administration currently supports, which is $51/ton. Read More

New research highlights $84 billion tax giveaway to Big Oil

One of the biggest presents Trump ever sent to the oil industry was hidden on page 157 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Read More

Trans Mountain Insurer Argo Group Commits to Cut Ties with the Pipeline Company

Trans Mountain insurer and Lloyd’s of London syndicate Argo Group has pledged to cut ties with the existing Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline when its current insurance policy expires on August 31, 2021, and to not insure the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Read More

Friends of the Earth Applauds Twitter’s Climate Topic

Twitter has taken a positive step which shows it is possible to have online conversations about science that don’t include climate denial. Read More

In Court, Justice Department Defends Trump’s Approval of Large Oil-Drilling Project in Western Arctic

The Department of Justice filed a legal brief yesterday defending the Trump administration’s approval of the Willow Master Development Plan in Alaska. Read More

Cardin backs $50 billion nuke bailout

Giving a $50 billion taxpayer subsidy to old, unprofitable nuclear reactors would be a massive, short-sighted waste of money in the fight against climate change. Read More

Historic victory: Judge forces Shell to drastically reduce CO2 emissions

For the first time in history, a judge has held a corporation liable for causing dangerous climate change. Read More

FOE calls on Senate Democrats to oppose the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act

The legislation falls short of the goals in President Biden’s American Jobs Plan at a time when bold action from Congress is needed to upgrade and build our nation’s infrastructure. Read More

FOE calls on Governor Cooper to preserve North Carolina’s forests

Today community leaders and organizations from rural North Carolina counties impacted by the wood burning biomass industry held a press conference, rally, and delivered a petition to Gov. Cooper. Read More

Media Advisory: Where’s Governor Cooper on North Carolina’s Forests?

This will be the first in a series of public education and action events focused on the growth of the dirty industry in rural Eastern NC, the poorest and most racially diverse region in the state. Read More