30+ Groups and Academics Call on Yellen to use US government’s “voice and vote” to take bold action on climate at the IMF

In a letter sent today, 30+ organizations and academics from around the globe called on US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to use the US government’s “voice and vote” in the IMF to push for an end to support of fossil fuel expansion --including gas. Read More

Nearly 450 Organizations Call on Biden Administration to End Public Finance for Fossil Fuels

In a letter released today, nearly 450 organizations called on the Biden Administration to immediately end all US public financing for fossil fuels, including natural gas. Read More

Kerry announces end to international fossil fuel financing

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry announced a plan to end U.S. public international fossil fuel financing at the World Economic Forum today. Read More

BlackRock’s Big Problem Responds to Larry Fink’s 2021 Letters

With close to $9 trillion in assets under management, BlackRock has expansive power and responsibility to push for a sustainable future. Read More

Biden must make climate central to his export and development agency picks

52 non-governmental organizations sent a letter establishing criteria for the Biden Administration to select candidates at export and development finance agencies. Read More

No confidence: Hochberg’s fossil fuel record makes him unfit to be a top aide for Biden

44 environmental groups sent a letter today decrying Fred Hochberg’s potential leadership as a top aide in the Biden Administration. Read More

Senate Climate Report full of backwards, false solutions

Instead of embracing bold climate solutions endorsed by the climate movement it relies on backward-looking propositions that prop up the dying fossil fuel industry Read More

Report shows DFC’s energy portfolio still investing billions in fossil fuels

Climate change’s disproportionate impact on less developed countries will only worsen if finance institutions continue to pour billions of dollars into dirty fossil fuel projects. Read More

Report: ECAs must embed climate in their COVID-19 responses

ECAs (institutions that finance the international operations of corporations from their home country) are the largest public financiers of fossil fuel projects, spending 14 times as much on fossil fuels as clean energy. Read More

Report: G20 Governments Bankrolling the Fossil Fuel Industry by at least $77 Billion a Year

A new report released by Friends of the Earth U.S. and Oil Change International reveals G20 countries have provided at least $77 billion a year in public finance to oil, gas and coal projects since the Paris Climate Agreement. Read More