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Over 115 Local Officials Ask Congress to Reject Federal Preemption of Local Authority on Pesticides in the Farm Bill

Today more than 115 local officials sent a letter to Congress urging the rejection of any language in the 2023 Farm Bill that would limit local government authority to regulate toxic pesticides. Read More

Report: Big Ag Plans to Use Carbon Markets, Farmer Data to Tighten Stranglehold on Food System

On the heels of new federal climate and agriculture policies geared toward supporting agricultural carbon markets, a new report reveals how this approach will fail to address the climate crisis while enabling the largest agribusiness corporations to entrench their market power and greenwash their operations. Read More

Friends of the Earth finds the new global biodiversity framework ‘not fit for purpose’

The new Global Biodiversity Framework announced today fails to lay the groundwork for the transformational change needed to address the biodiversity crisis. Read More

Banners to Bezos and Gates: Back Off of Biodiversity!

MONTREAL/TIOHTIÀ:KE/UNCEDED TERRITORY OF THE KANIEN’KEHÁ:KA NATION – Climber-activists today dropped 80-foot banners reading, “Biodiversity versus Billionaires,” visible from Montreal’s Palais des Congres where world leaders are meeting at the UN’s landmark Biodiversity COP15. The banners were unfurled to warn delegates that mega-billionaires such as Jeff Bezos (founder of… Read More

New Report Reveals Pesticide Industry’s Disinformation and Science Denial Playbook

A new report, Merchants of Poison: How Monsanto Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide, illuminates the disinformation, science denial, and manufactured doubt at the core of the pesticide industry’s public relations playbook. Read More

Friends of the Earth Statement in Response to USDA’s Climate-Smart Commodities Announcement

This lays the groundwork for Big Ag to use these projects to greenwash their own emissions and collect tremendous amounts of farm data. Read More

160+ Organizations Urge President-Elect Biden to Withdraw Heidi Heitkamp from Consideration for USDA Secretary

A coalition of more than 160 environmental, food justice, sustainable agriculture, workers’ rights, animal welfare, social justice, public health, and anti-hunger organizations sent a letter today to President-Elect Biden, Vice President-Elect Harris, and their transition team opposing Heidi Heitkamp as a potential nominee for USDA Secretary. Read More

DOJ Releases Formal Approval of Toxic Mega-Merger between Bayer and Monsanto

The approval of the Bayer Monsanto merger is a disaster for American farmers and families. This toxic mega-merger will only further entrench the failing model of chemical intensive agriculture, which is poisoning people and the planet. The Department of Justice failed to protect Americans from yet another toxic agricultural monopoly. Read More

Farming, Food Safety, and Environmental Organizations Call on DOJ to Block Bayer-Monsanto Toxic Mega Merger

A coalition of farming, consumer, and environmental groups delivered 97,325 public comments to the Department of Justice today, urging the agency to reject the Bayer (BAYN) and Monsanto (MON) merger. The agency closes its comment period today regarding its conditional approval of the merger. Read More

Toxic Mega-Merger between Bayer and Monsanto gets approval from Department of Justice

The Department of Justice formally announced today its approval of the Bayer-Monsanto merger, contingent upon divestments from the two companies. Read More