Environment California, Friends of the Earth and NRDC react to Gov. Newsom’s push to reopen Diablo Canyon

The Newsom administration is circulating a bill to extend the life of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Legislators should reject it out of hand. Read More

Report: Hydrogen is Big Oil’s Latest Greenwashing Scheme

A new report sounds the alarm on the newly-established federal clean hydrogen standard as Big Oil’s next greenwashing scam. Read More

Active Energy sells proposed woody biomass facility

The decision to sell is a win for the climate and a loss for false climate "solutions" that would negatively impact local communities. Read More

More Than 350 Groups Condemn Corporate Net-Zero Pledges as a Dangerous, Unjust Distraction

354 groups released a statement today calling “net-zero” emission pledges by corporations and governments a dangerous distraction from real climate action. Read More

Groups call on Biden to recenter environmental justice as a pillar in Build Back Better

The Biden administration cannot continue to claim they are addressing the climate crisis while also directly funding the dirty energies responsible for polluting vulnerable communities. Read More

113 Groups Push TIAA to Divest from Fossil Fuels & Stop Land Grabs, Calling TIAA’s Net Zero by 2050 Plan “Wildly Inadequate” for the Climate Crisis

Today 113 climate justice, farm and food justice, human rights and environmental organizations joined to reject “false climate solutions” from TIAA. Read More

100 Groups Demand Biden Cut Airplane Climate Pollution

One hundred environmental, community and public-health groups called on the Biden administration today to set strong standards to cut airplane pollution. Read More

300+ groups demand Clean Electricity Payment Program (CEPP) exclude fossil fuels and false solutions

Today, 300+ groups are calling on Congress to exclude fossil fuels and false solutions from the Clean Electricity Payment Program (CEPP) Read More

Friends of the Earth Statement on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Unprecedented heat waves, wildfires, and drought are now ravaging the United States, yet the Senate just passed an infrastructure bill that fails to address the climate emergency. Read More

466 Groups Urge Biden to Fill FERC Seat With Environmental, Energy Justice Champion

460+ organizations sent a letter today urging Biden to appoint a FERC nominee who will champion environmental and energy justice. Read More