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Environmental Groups, Frontline Communities Celebrate Latest Defeat for Manchin’s Dirty Deal

This most recent setback for Manchin’s dirty energy giveaway is a monumental victory for the environmental movement, whose strong opposition once again stopped this scheme in its tracks. Read More

Report: Despite 2021 funding cuts, international public finance for fossils could rebound if gas is excluded from US climate policy

New research released today by Oil Change International and Friends of the Earth U.S. reveals that in 2021, G20 countries and major multilateral development banks continued their preferential financing of fossil fuels. Read More

New Report Exposes World Bank Support for Gas in Vietnam

Today Recourse, Friends of the Earth U.S. and Asian Peoples Movement for Debt and Development released a new report that reveals the World Bank’s role in pushing for new and expanded gas power and LNG import infrastructure in Vietnam. Read More

Congress Must Reject Manchin’s Dirty Deal, Protect Communities and Climate

A vote for Senator Manchin and Schumer’s bill is a vote for environmental racism, classism, and climate catastrophe. Read More

Court rejects Wyoming, industry challenge to Biden administration postponement of oil, gas lease sales

WASHINGTON, DC — A federal judge in Wyoming affirmed the Biden administration’s decisions to postpone oil and gas lease sales in early 2021, holding that the federal government has broad authority to postpone sales to address environmental concerns. In his ruling… Read More

Sen. Sinema Preserves “Carried Interest” Tax Break, Fueling Climate Disaster

If Senator Sinema chooses to protect this tax loophole, she is choosing to protect one of the most dangerous and overlooked lifelines to the fossil fuel industry. Read More

Legal Agreements Block Drilling, Fracking Across 1 Million Acres in Central California

Groups and the Bureau of Land Management reached an agreement to suspend new oil and gas leasing across more than 1 million acres of public lands in California. Read More

Biden Administration Holds First Public Lands Lease Sales

This action is in direct contradiction to Biden’s campaign promise to stop new oil and gas leasing on public lands. Read More

Report: Big Oil Makes Billions While Society Shoulders Staggering Costs of Public Lands and Waters Drilling

Friends of the Earth released an analysis on the true social cost of carbon if the Biden administration continues allowing Big Oil to drill. Read More

Big Oil rewards Wall Street as price-gouging vote looms

Data shows that oil and gas companies are returning billions more in cash to themselves and their investors amid windfall profits from war. Read More