Big Oil rewards Wall Street as price-gouging vote looms

Data shows that oil and gas companies are returning billions more in cash to themselves and their investors amid windfall profits from war. Read More

ExxonMobil and Chevron announce Q1 windfall profits

If Congress bothered to tax windfall profits, these two companies would face a combined bill of $5.4 billion for just three months of war profiteering and price gouging. Read More

White House sued for lack of transparency around its leasing program

We demand to know why his administration's final fossil fuel leasing report failed to include climate impacts and bore little resemblance to the comprehensive review mandated by his own executive order. Read More

Report: IMF must curb its support for fossil fuels

A new report shows that the International Monetary Fund continues to undermine its own climate commitments through support for fossil fuels. Read More

Biden Administration to Restart Oil, Gas Leasing on Public Lands

The Bureau of Land Management announced today it will resume oil and gas leasing on public lands, violating Biden’s campaign promise. Read More

Report: Big Oil, Profiting Off of War, Plans to Return $45 Billion to Investors in Share Buybacks While Boosting Dividends

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, a new report highlights how the largest U.S. oil and gas companies are profiting. Read More

Report: Big Oil’s Public Leasing Shell Game

Friends of the Earth released a policy paper today outlining how President Biden and Congress can counteract the oil and gas sector’s disingenuous efforts to open up more public lands and waters to drilling. Read More

REPORT: American Oil Company CEOs caught profiting from war in Ukraine

Big Oil CEOs have sold millions of dollars worth of shares, profiting a combined total of almost $99 million, in the weeks since President Biden said that he was “convinced” Russia would invade Ukraine. Read More

Legal Petition Demands Biden Administration Stop Unlawful Gulf of Mexico Oil Drilling

Signing off on more Gulf drilling without even taking a hard look at the harm to our climate is as unlawful as it is morally reprehensible Read More

Legal Petition Calls On Biden to Phase Out Federal Oil, Gas by 2035

More than 360 climate, tribal, religious and conservation groups petitioned the Biden administration today to use its executive authority to phase out oil and gas production on public lands and oceans. Read More