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Children’s sunscreen contains hidden nanoparticle ingredients, new testing finds

Four major brands of children’s sunscreen products sold across the U.S. contain engineered nanoparticles, according to laboratory results released today by Friends of the Earth U.S. Nanoparticles were found in Aveeno® Baby Natural Protection®, Banana Boat® Kids, Neutrogena® Pure and Free® Baby and Thinksport™ Kid's Safe sunscreen. Read More

Peer reviewed study exposes potentially hazardous nanoparticles in baby formula

We are urging federal regulators to establish clear and binding rules around use of nanoparticles in food and consumer products and demand that all companies immediately remove nanoingredients from baby formula and other foods until regulations are in place. Read More

Potentially hazardous nanoparticles found in powdered baby formula

It’s of real concern that these tiny particles are used in hundreds of consumer products, and now in infant formula, with minimal to no oversight. Companies and regulators must take extra care with a product fed to the most vulnerable among us. Read More

EPA agrees to regulate novel nanotechnology pesticides after legal challenge

This important decision is part of the transformation our government agencies must continue to pursue in order to protect the public from potentially dangerous products containing nanoscale ingredients. Read More

Coalition of NGOs releases nanotech recommendation reflecting concern about use of nanotech in foods

“It’s time to shed light on this novel food technology. If we continue to allow a lack of regulation and transparency, we should be prepared to deal with the consequences of walking blindly with a risky technology,” said Ian Illuminato, Friends of the Earth Health and Environment Campaigner. Read More

Sunscreen scandal: Ingredient used in major brands falsely marketed as non-nano

It appears that consumers who thought they were buying nano-free sunscreens for their family were misled, and ultimate responsibility in the U.S. lies squarely with the Food and Drug Administration. Read More

Sustained pressure by non-profits forces change in FDA nanotech policy

FDA has a responsibility to ensure that these potentially dangerous products are not sold in stores without more clarity about their safety and labeling. Read More

Report Warns of Nano-Sunscreen Risks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Ian Illuminato, Friends of the Earth, 250-478-7135, [email protected] George Kimbrell, International Center for Technology Assessment, 571-527-8618, [email protected] Michael Hansen, Consumers Union, 914-378-2452, [email protected] New Report From Public Interest Groups Warns of Risks From Nanomaterials in Sunscreens Read More

Nano-silver: Extreme Germ Killer Presents Growing Threat to Public Health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Nick Berning, 202-222-0748 Ian Illuminato, 250-478-7135 New report from Friends of the Earth sheds light on risks from popular products containing nano-silver particles WASHINGTON, D.C.Friends of the Earth and Health Care Without Harm Europe released a report today detailing the growing public health threat posed by nano-silver particles in consumer products. Read More

Europe: Leading the Way in Nanotechnology Regulation

For more information contact: Nick Berning, 202-222-0748, Ian Illuminato 250-477-7135 WASHINGTON, D.C.—Two recent actions by the European Union represent the leading edge of efforts to regulate nanotechnology. The European Union will require nanoparticles in cosmetics to be labeled on the ingredients list and require increased safety testing for cosmetics containing nanoparticles. It will also prevent nanomaterials from being placed on the food market until being subject to nano-specific, standardized, safety assessments free of animal-testing. Read More