Environment California, Friends of the Earth and NRDC react to Gov. Newsom’s push to reopen Diablo Canyon

The Newsom administration is circulating a bill to extend the life of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Legislators should reject it out of hand. Read More

Taxpayer, Environmental Groups Sound Alarm on $6 Billion Nuclear Bailout

Groups call for cleaner, cheaper energy alternatives as the DOE moves to spend $6 billion in taxpayer funds to prop up the nuclear industry. Read More

Friends of the Earth appeals results in big blow to Turkey Point nuclear power plants

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission today overturned two extensions granted to Florida Power & Light to operate two nuclear reactors in Turkey Point, Florida for 80 years. Read More

Report: $50 Billion Nuclear Bailout Would Undermine Biden Climate and Infrastructure Goals

New analysis shows that subsidizing nuclear energy would prevent a shift to a modern energy system and waste benefits of renewable energy. Read More

Cardin backs $50 billion nuke bailout

Giving a $50 billion taxpayer subsidy to old, unprofitable nuclear reactors would be a massive, short-sighted waste of money in the fight against climate change. Read More

Biden backs $195 billion nuke bailout

A nuclear bailout is wrong for taxpayers, wrong for ratepayers, and wrong for the climate. Read More

300+ environment and justice groups demand Congress remove fossil fuels and false solutions from Clean Energy Standard

Sacrificing the very definition of ‘clean’ in order to achieve 100 percent clean energy is self-defeating. Read More

Over 300 Groups Urge Dems to Block Dirty Energy Subsidies in Lame Duck Spending Deal

Congress cannot continue subsidizing this failing industry and worsening our dependence on fossil fuels. Read More

100+ groups oppose latest nuclear bailout scheme

Over 100 groups sent a letter today to Senators opposing the American Nuclear Infrastructure Act, a pro-nuclear bill scheduled for markup today in the Environment and Public Works Committee. Read More

Nuclear lobby’s coronavirus cash grab is shameless

The Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry’s main lobbying arm, is reportedly requesting a 30 percent tax credit for existing reactors as part of coronavirus aid.This is the same demand that the nuclear made repeatedly last fall, well before the coronavirus. Read More