Legal Petition Calls On Biden to Phase Out Federal Oil, Gas by 2035

More than 360 climate, tribal, religious and conservation groups petitioned the Biden administration today to use its executive authority to phase out oil and gas production on public lands and oceans. Read More

Greater Chaco Coalition Demands More Than Piece-Meal Protection in Response to 10-Mile Buffer

The climate crisis illustrates that drawing new lines on a map doesn't address the problem – protecting our communities, our clean water and clean air cannot be done in one place, but must include all places. Read More

In Amicus Brief, Congressmembers Lowenthal, Grijalva, Huffman Call on Federal Court to Strike Down Administration’s 80 Million Acre Oil And Gas Lease Sale In U.S. Gulf

The lawmakers filed the amicus brief in support of a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s Interior Department by a group of environmental organizations. Read More

Biden Continues to Fail as Climate Champion with More Broken Promises on Oil and Gas Leasing

Nearly a quarter of U.S. climate pollution comes from the extraction and burning of fossil fuels on public lands. Read More

Despite Environmental Commitments Made at COP, Biden Administration Offers Over 80 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil, Gas Drilling

Today, as the Biden Administration offers more than 80 million acres of the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas leasing, Gulf and environmental groups vow to continue their legal challenge to stop this commitment to decades of greenhouse gas emissions. Read More

Greater Chaco Coalition Celebrates New Path Forward for Landscape Protection

For over a century, the federal government has quite literally treated the Greater Chaco Landscape like a national energy sacrifice zone. Read More

Biden Makes Climate Pledge at Glasgow While Pushing Oil, Gas Leasing in U.S.

U.S. climate groups slammed the Biden administration today for ignoring climate impacts and refusing to stop oil and gas leasing on public lands despite President Biden’s Glasgow pledge to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Read More

Decision Shutting Down Western Arctic Oil and Gas Project Will Not Be Appealed

The Administration’s move not to appeal the lower court’s decision to stop the Willow oil and gas drilling project is a victory for protecting the Arctic and combating the climate crisis. Read More

Biden Restores and Expands Protections to Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

Restoring these national monuments is President Biden’s clearest signal yet that he will protect our public lands and waters for future generations. Read More

Lawsuit Filed After Biden Opens 79 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil Leasing

The Biden administration has folded to the oil industry based on its campaign of disinformation and political pressure, ignoring the worsening climate emergency we face. Read More