Court rules on No Discharge Zone, blocking lingering Trump Admin attempt to allow vessels to dump sewage into Puget Sound

Decision upholds Puget Sound ‘No Discharge Zone,’ keeping ship & boat sewage out of water, key step toward restoring one of nation’s most important inland seas Read More

Lawsuit Aims to Protect Endangered Whales in California Shipping Lanes

The Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of the Earth sued the Trump administration today for failing to protect endangered whales from being struck by ships using ports in California. Ship strikes are a leading cause of death for blue, fin and humpback whales off California’s coast. Read More

Oil transportation in Rosario Strait Gets Safety Boost

A new measure to improve oil transportation safety will be implemented tomorrow in Puget Sound’s Rosario Strait, a critical habitat for the 72 whales of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale community. Read More

Clean Arctic Alliance Hails Progress on Heavy Fuel Oil Ban But Warns Arctic Nations To Remain Focused

The Clean Arctic Alliance welcomes the progress made this week at PPR 6. Today, we are one-step closer to improving the protection of the Arctic, its people and wildlife. Read More

Groups Intervene in Federal Lawsuit to Protect Puget Sound No Discharge Zone

Today, Washington Environmental Council, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and Friends of the Earth will intervene in a federal lawsuit against the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Read More

International Maritime Organization adopts key international routing and protection measures for Bering Sea

As climate change continues to alter the Arctic, it is imperative that Indigenous communities and practices are not threatened by large-scale commercial marine activity. Read More

U.S. Senators Reject Attempt to Weaken Protections from Aquatic Invasive Species

In a major victory for clean water, outdoor recreation, and local economies across the country, the U.S. Senate today rejected attempts to weaken Clean Water Act protections to prevent aquatic invasive species from entering U.S. waters through the discharge of ballast water. Read More

U.S. Senate Assault on Clean Water Act Will Leave Environment, Economy Vulnerable to Invasive Species

The Clean Water Act has provided protection for our waters from polluted ship discharges for almost a decade. Congress must not allow this dirty industry to start dumping its pollution in our oceans and lakes again. Read More

Clean Arctic Alliance hails IMO move to ban heavy fuel oil from Arctic shipping

Plans to develop a ban on heavy fuel oil (HFO) from Arctic shipping, along with an assessment of the impact of such a ban, were agreed upon during the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee. Read More

Washington Environmental Advocates Stand Behind Puget Sound No Discharge Zone

Keeping ship and boat sewage out of the Sound is good for human health, local economy, and wildlife Read More