U.S. Beekeepers lost the second-most hives in history

Beekeepers recorded the second highest annual losses in history, including the highest summer losses ever.

Maryland Legislators Partially Ban Chlorpyrifos

The Maryland General Assembly passed S.B. 300 today, making Maryland the fourth state to ban Dow’s brain-damaging pesticide.

Corteva Agriscience announces it will stop making chlorpyrifos

Corteva Agriscience, the main manufacturer of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide linked to brain damage in children, announced today that they will stop production of the pesticide by the end of the year.

Governor Cuomo directs his administration to enact pesticide ban

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) today directed the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to take action to ban the use of chlorpyrifos. With the governor’s action, New York has joined Hawai’i and California in outlawing the use of the neurotoxic pesticide.

Rite Aid releases new policy to limit toxic pesticides to protect pollinators

Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD) has released a pollinator health policy aimed at encouraging its suppliers to phase out the use of pollinator-toxic pesticides: glyphosate, neonicotinoids and organophosphates, including chlorpyrifos.

Groups demand Governor Cuomo ban neurotoxic pesticide chlorpyrifos

Public health, environmental and consumer organizations today rallied outside Governor Cuomo’s office to urge him to sign S.5343, which would ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos in the state of New York.

ALDI U.S. releases new policy to limit toxic pesticides to protect pollinators

ALDI U.S. has released a pollinator policy aimed at encouraging its suppliers of fruits, vegetables, live plants and flowers to phase out the use of chlorpyrifos and neonicotinoid pesticides.

Over 80 groups urge Gov. Cuomo to sign Senate bill S5343 and ban brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos

Today, over 80 citizen, agricultural, disability, environmental, health, and labor advocacy groups sent a public letter to Gov. Cuomo urging him to protect the health of children and farmworkers by banning the brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos.

New study: U.S. agriculture 48 times more toxic to insects than 25 years ago

A new peer-reviewed study shows an explosion in the toxicity of U.S. agriculture for insects over the past 25 years since neonicotinoid pesticides were introduced. The study found that U.S. agriculture is 48 times more toxic to insect life, and that neonicotinoids account for 92 percent of the increase in toxicity.

Trump’s EPA continues to delay federal ban on the brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos, leaving states to take action

The EPA’s refusal to ban chlorpyrifos ignores decades of science showing that this pesticide has irrevocable effects on human health and the environment.