Friends of the Earth applauds House passage of HR 1, urges Senate to follow suit

The House of Representatives today passed HR1, the For the People Act, a landmark democracy reform bill that would expand and protect voting rights for all, end partisan and racial gerrymandering, get dark money out of politics, and restore transparency and accountability in our government. Read More

Friends of the Earth Statement on the Confirmation of Tom Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary

WASHINGTON – In a 92-7 vote in the Senate today, Tom Vilsack was confirmed as President Biden’s USDA Secretary. Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement: We congratulate Secretary Vilsack on receiving majority support for a second tour as Agriculture Secretary. … Read More

Friends of the Earth calls new federal lands and waters moratorium ‘a critical first step’

We look forward to working with the Biden Administration during the moratorium to plan a just transition that ends our dependence on oil and gas. Read More

As Biden Prepares to Issue New Rules for Oil & Gas Drilling on Public Lands, Millions of Americans, Hundreds of Groups Call for Permanent Ban on Fracking

Environmental, Indigenous, climate and conservation groups from across the country announced today that they have delivered more than two million petitions and public comments to recent administrations calling for a permanent ban on all drilling and fracking on federal lands. Read More

FOE Statement on Keystone XL pipeline cancellation

This victory belongs to the indigenous communities, Nebraskan farmers and Texan ranchers, and the organizations and activists who fight in the courts and the streets for a safe, climate justice-fueled future. Read More

Friends of the Earth congratulates President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris

Today Friends of the Earth celebrates the swearing in of President Biden and Vice President Harris, and the return of decency, common sense and empathy to the White House. Read More

Friends of the Earth Federation on President Biden’s announcement to rejoin Paris Agreement

This is a first step on a long journey to rebuilding international trust - trust that President Biden can only earn by acting equitably on the climate crisis as if the fate of our common home and billions of people depended on it. Read More

Biden must make climate central to his export and development agency picks

52 non-governmental organizations sent a letter establishing criteria for the Biden Administration to select candidates at export and development finance agencies. Read More

FOE Statement on the appointment of Deb Haaland as U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Haaland will be a champion of our public lands and waters, and the communities that rely on them. Read More

FOE Statement on the appointment of Michael Regan to head the EPA

While we are disappointed that Secretary Regan will likely be nominated as EPA Director by President-elect Biden, we are prepared to work with the Agency and the Biden Administration on policies that support a healthy and just world. Read More