Carnival Corporation fleet gets F’s in new Cruise Ship Report Card

Friends of the Earth released the 2019 edition of its Cruise Ship Report Card today, documenting the environmental footprint of the cruise industry and grading 16 cruise lines and their 185 ships.

Carnival Corporation makes bombshell claim to only use cleaner fuel on cruise ships in Arctic 

Switching to a cleaner fuel while still carrying heavy fuel oil onboard doesn’t address the concerns about the long-term impact of a spill of this thick, tar-like oil in this fragile region.

Carnival Corporation cruise ships put Arctic, Subarctic marine mammals at risk, groundbreaking new map shows

A groundbreaking new interactive map released today by the international Clean Up Carnival coalition shows that nearly half of Carnival Corporation cruise ships traveling through the Arctic and Subarctic pass near or through critical habitats for marine mammals including orca, walrus, and bowhead, narwhal, and beluga whales.

International coalition calls on Carnival to stop using heavy fuel oil on cruise ships in Arctic

Cruise lines like Carnival must do their part to protect the environment we all share, and that means phasing out dangerous, polluting heavy fuel oil.

Princess Cruise Lines pleads guilty to dumping oil, covering its tracks

Deliberate pollution is completely unacceptable and we continue to call on the cruise industry to be transparent and clean up its act. 

Disney Cruise Line regains A grade for pollution transparency

Disney Cruise Lines was the sole cruise line this year to earn an “A” for transparency by responding to information requests. Every other line, like the year before, refused to confirm its current environmental technologies, resulting in failing grades for transparency.

100,000 activists ask Carnival Cruise Lines to fix sewage problem

"It's time for cruise lines, particularly Carnival, to stop using our oceans as a toilet," said Marcie Keever, Oceans and Vessels program director for Friends of the Earth.

Environmental advocates will make a splash at cruise line convention

Activists will deliver 100,000 petition signatures to Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami

Cruise ships flushed more than a billion gallons of sewage into oceans again this year

By working to stifle the Cruise Ship Report Card, the industry attempted to shield itself from continued scrutiny of its environmental practices, and obscure data from conscientious consumers who would make different choices based on how a cruise ship or line performs on the report card.

Friends of the Earth releases 2012 Cruise Ship Report Card

Though six cruise lines improved their rankings from 2010 and no lines lost ground, air pollution reduction remains an enormous oversight in the cruise industry. Ten of the 15 lines reviewed received an 'F' in that category. Of those six, only Disney and Princess Cruises had any significant improvement.