Lawsuit Threatened Over Trump Administration’s Failure to Cut Airplane Climate Pollution

Environmental groups today threatened to sue the Trump administration for failing to fulfill its obligation under the Clean Air Act to curb planet-warming pollution from airplanes.

WOTUS repeal lets polluters endanger communities and the environment for a profit

The EPA’s callous decision endangers communities and threatens our environment. Corporations will now be given free to rein pollute our waterways and put millions of American lives at risk.

Legal petition seeks ban on plastic pollution from petrochemical plants

More than 270 community and conservation organizations filed a legal petition today that demands the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency adopt strict new water-pollution limits for industrial plants that create plastic.

Trump speech on environment, sponsored by fossil fuels

Trump’s delusional speech was full of fraudulent claims taking credit for the benefits of the very rules and agencies he is working to dismantle -- all of which is intended to keep us shackled to fossil fuels and boost profits for his corporate sponsors.

Progressives stand fast for just spending levels

Thanks to demands from progressive members of Congress, Democratic leaders were forced to cancel a vote on the House budget bill slated for later in the week.

Fossil fuel lobbyist Wheeler is unfit to serve as EPA Administrator

As Acting Administrator of the EPA, Andrew Wheeler has served the interests of corporate polluters at the expense of our public health and environment.

Senate EPW must reject Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler is a threat to our clean air and water and the absolute wrong choice to lead the EPA. As acting administrator, Wheeler handed the EPA over to the corporate polluters the agency is supposed to be regulating.

EPA Sued for Records of Andrew Wheeler Meetings With Oil Lobbyists

The Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of the Earth sued the Environmental Protection Agency today for refusing to release public records concerning meetings and communications with the lobbying firm Faegre Baker Daniels, the former employer of EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

Senate must reject Andrew Wheeler for EPA Administrator

Andrew Wheeler is a puppet of the fossil fuel industry and a disaster for the EPA. As Acting Administrator, Wheeler has continued Scott Pruitt’s toxic agenda and opened the EPA’s doors even wider to corporate polluters.

Pruitt’s EPA decisions should be suspended until corruption investigations are complete

Every piece of policy Scott Pruitt touched must be frozen in its tracks. Pruitt may be gone, but his toxic corruption at the EPA will live on if Congress fails to act.