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Harvard and TIAA Involved in Destruction of Most Biodiverse Savannah in World

A new report details how Harvard University and U.S.-based pension fund TIAA are involved in forest fires burning in a key ecosystem — the Brazilian savannah (Cerrado).

Friends of the Earth applauds institutional investors’ call to protect the Amazon rainforest, urges Blackrock and others to join

It is essential that investors take action to end deforestation, land grabbing and biodiversity loss in the Amazon, Indonesia and around the world. We are pleased to see over 200 investors voice concern, and we look forward to seeing how these very laudable words are turned into concrete action.

Hundreds of Companies Set to Miss 2020 Deadline to End Deforestation in Supply Chains

For a liveable future, these companies must make good on their promises and cut deforestation, land grabs and human rights abuses out of their supply chains immediately.

Investors call for urgent action to address the human rights impacts of Amazon fires

Members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility issued a statement today calling on companies with operations and supply chains connected to the Amazon rainforest to take immediate action to safeguard the human rights and ecosystems that are being devastated by fires exacerbated by unchecked deforestation. 

Global NGOs: Dirty Dozen Companies Driving Deforestation Must Act Now to Stop the Burning of the World’s Forests

The crises facing the Amazon require innovative solutions that address the root of the problem. The stakes are simply too high to accept half measures or surface-level solutions.

As the Amazon burns, BlackRock named as world’s largest investor in deforestation

As fires rage across the Amazon, a report released today reveals that BlackRock, the world’s largest institutional investor with $6.5 trillion USD in assets, is deeply invested in the sectors most responsible for tropical forest destruction in the Amazon and around the world.

California Assembly Approves Nation’s First Deforestation-Free Public Procurement Bill

The California Assembly voted to approve the nation’s first bill designed to require that public purchasing be free of rainforest destruction and associated biodiversity and human rights impacts.

Senators Push Financial Firms to Address Global Deforestation

Eight U.S. Senate offices led by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) sent a suite of letters to the nation’s largest asset management firms this week, calling on them to use their financial leverage to stop tropical deforestation.

Palm Oil Giant Golden Agri-Resources Removed from Dow Jones Sustainability Index after Bribery and Corruption Scandal

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index has removed the world’s second largest palm oil company, Golden Agri-Resources, from its list of sustainable companies.

Civil Society Groups Vow to Oppose “Hateful Rhetoric, Violence, Intimidation and Persecution” by Bolsonaro Government

The election of right-wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro as Brazil's next president represents a crisis for indigenous rights, the Amazon rainforest, and our global climate.