Trump Administration to open oceans for corporate polluters to drill for oil

The reckless move by the Trump Administration to pursue increased offshore oil drilling is an appalling attack on our already imperiled communities.

Obama moves to protect millions of acres of ocean from Trump

Today’s announcement is a major victory for our oceans and climate. Our offshore areas need permanent protection in the face of Donald Trump’s pledge to expand offshore drilling and his cabinet’s ties to Big Oil.

Feds block offshore Arctic drilling, allow new oil and gas leases in Gulf

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to return to the days of ‘drill baby drill.’ That’s why President Obama must use his remaining days in office to permanently keep as much of our lands and waters from Trump and his oil cronies as possible.

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary bans cruise ship wastewater discharges

SEATTLE, Wash. -- On December 1, Washington’s Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary will enact regulations banning cruise ships from discharging sewage, graywater, oily bilge and other harmful waste in waters bounded by the Sanctuary, a move that will safeguard more than 2,700 square miles of extraordinary marine resources.