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Trump’s NAFTA Deal Great for Big Oil, Bad for Global Climate and Local Communities

The Trump Administration today released text of an agreement with Mexico and Canada to revise the terms of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the three countries.

Trump to send new U.S.-Mexico trade deal to Congress

Donald Trump notified members of Congress today that he will send them the text of a new U.S.-Mexico agreement to approve or disapprove this year, potentially cutting Canada out of a new NAFTA agreement.

Trump Strikes Trade Deal with Mexico

Donald Trump claimed today that the United States and Mexico have reached a general agreement on the broad outlines of a new NAFTA deal.

NAFTA 2.0 Negotiations Nosedive Headed into the G-7 Summit

Trump’s bellicose behavior is sending his environmentally disastrous proposal into a nosedive. As is the typically case with a child, Trump lacks the impulse control to negotiate a new trade deal.

Trump’s revisions of U.S. – Korea trade deal promise more air pollution and global warming

Donald Trump has coerced South Korea into accepting changes in the U.S.-Korea trade agreement that would increase exports of U.S. cars that fail to meet Korea’s auto emissions standards.

This Week’s Round of NAFTA Talks in Mexico Promises Dangerous Regulatory Review Chapter

A new regulatory review chapter in a new NAFTA deal would likely hamstring agricultural, food safety, and other environmental regulations.

Montreal Round of NAFTA Negotiations Threatens Health, Family Farms and the Environment
Montreal Round of NAFTA Negotiations Threatens Health, Family Farms and the Environment

The decision to continue talking on NAFTA is bad news for our environment. While trade ministers make secret deals, we can be assured what they see as progress will no doubt put our environment and public health at risk.

Trump to Place Tariff on Solar Panels
Trump to Place Tariff on Solar Panels

Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on imported solar panels is recklessly irresponsible and a thinly veiled attack on clean energy.

Sixth round of NAFTA talks stall

Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations, there is no prospect for a NAFTA that puts good environmental and climate policy first.

Fifth round of NAFTA talks draw to a close

Negotiating a new NAFTA that protects family farmers and our environment will never happen as long as Donald Trump is President.