New York state legislators introduce deforestation-free procurement bill

State legislators introduced the New York Deforestation-Free Procurement Act to ensure the state government does not drive deforestation. Read More

Indigenous Leaders & Goldman Prize Recipients Send Open Letter Demanding BlackRock Act on Deforestation and Human Rights

Over 80 activists issued a public letter criticizing BlackRock for violating Indigenous rights and other traditional communities. Read More

FOE Statement on Announcement of Federal Deforestation Bill

Senator Brian Schatz of Hawai’i announced today the pending introduction of a federal bill to ban US imports of products linked to illegal deforestation and land conversion. Read More

Investigation reveals palm oil giant destroyed forests in Upper Guinean Rainforest

Earlier this month an independent investigation in Liberia found that over a thousand hectares of a sensitive and already-threatened forest ecosystem in the Upper Guinean Rainforest had been cleared.  Read More

California Assembly Introduces Bill to Make California a Leader in Ending Deforestation

AB 416 asserts our California values and extends environmental leadership to the protection of tropical and boreal forests, sending a powerful signal to global markets that illegal and destructive commodity-driven deforestation will no longer be tolerated. Read More

BlackRock’s Big Problem Responds to Larry Fink’s 2021 Letters

With close to $9 trillion in assets under management, BlackRock has expansive power and responsibility to push for a sustainable future. Read More

BlackRock Stewardship Expectations Must Address Indigenous Consultation And Forest Protection

BlackRock released its 2021 Stewardship Expectations, giving a window into what we can expect the world’s largest money manager to say and do on climate in the year ahead. Read More

African Peoples Tribunal to Dismantle Power of Industrial Plantation Corporations, Building People Power

Affected communities and civil society will bring testimonies on cases of human rights violations and environmental degradation connected with monoculture tree plantations expansion from ten countries across Africa. Read More

Ferguson, up for Treasury Secretary, leaves a legacy of misleading claims to social responsibility

As Wall Street executive Roger Ferguson Jr. is shortlisted for Secretary of the Treasury under President-elect Joe Biden’s new administration, new analysis reveals that his Fortune 100 finance firm TIAA has a reckless and irresponsible history of farmland investment. Read More

P&G investors challenge CEO over forest destruction concerns at company’s annual meeting

Procter & Gamble’s shareholders that defied the company’s own recommendations, two-thirds of Procter & Gamble (P&G) shareholders voted “yes” at the company’s annual meeting on Tuesday, October 13, to pass a proposal on forest sourcing and impacts. Read More