Activists urge DeGette to support Green New Deal

Activists urge Rep. Diana DeGette to support Green New Deal and reject fossil fuels

DENVER – Environmental activists from Friends of the Earth and 350 Metro Denver Leadership Council, along with members of the community, today held a protest outside Rep. Diana DeGette’s (D-Colo.) district office to urge support of the Green New Deal. As part of the event, the protesters “died” outside her office for a symbolic 11 minutes, representing the 11 years remaining to take bold action and prevent climate catastrophe. 

“We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground once and for all and transition to 100 percent renewable energy,” said Friends of the Earth Colorado grassroots organizer Maryah Lauer. “That means no new drilling, no new fracking, no new pipelines and no new fossil fuel infrastructure like the Suncor tar sands refinery that is harming communities right here in DeGette’s district. To be considered a genuine climate leader, DeGette must support a Green New Deal which completely eliminates fossil fuels, the only solution that matches the size and scope of the climate crisis we face.”

Rep. Diana DeGette has been approached repeatedly by activists and constituents for the past six months, asking for her support of the Green New Deal and to halt all new fossil fuel extraction. The congresswoman publicly supports taking action to address climate change but has stopped short of calling for an end to fossil fuels and fully endorsing the Green New Deal. 

“Fossil fuels will continue to emit dangerous gases which harm people and impede the world’s ability to manage a climate-safe, equitable decline of oil and gas production,” said Sunni Benoit with the 350 Metro Denver Leadership Council, co-organizer of Monday’s protest and a constituent residing in Rep. DeGette’s district. “It is imperative we switch to renewables now and enact a Green New Deal to avert the climate emergency.” 

Organizing contact: Maryah Lauer, (719) 434-0677, [email protected]
Communications contact: Patrick Davis, (202) 222-0744, [email protected]

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