Dems, Oppose Manchin's FERC Pick

New ad buy calls on Democrats to oppose Manchin FERC pick

David Rosner’s fossil fuel entanglements are disqualifying

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Friends of the Earth launched a new digital ad campaign calling on Senators to oppose FERC nominee David Rosner ahead of a pivotal Energy & Natural Resources Committee hearing this Thursday. The Manchin staffer turned FERC nominee previously worked at the Bipartisan Policy Center, where he sided with industry over consumers and the climate on multiple energy issues.

“David Rosner was a paid cheerleader for the LNG boom before it was fashionable,” said Lukas Ross, Climate and Energy Deputy Director at Friends of the Earth. “We’re calling on Democrats not named Manchin to reject this nomination.”

A close review of Rosner’s work at the Bipartisan Policy Center reveals a disturbing pattern of dirty energy advocacy:

  • During Rosner’s time at the Bipartisan Policy Center, the organization boasted such fossil fuel funders as BP, Chevron, Conoco and Shell. 
  • While the Department of Energy was studying the possible impact of LNG exports on domestic prices in 2012, Rosner co-authored technical comments claiming that LNG exports were “…likely to have only modest impacts on domestic natural gas prices.” 
  • When notorious dirty energy apologist Mary Landrieu (D-LA) took over the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in 2014, Rosner penned a blog post encouraging her to, “Rethink the country’s geopolitical posture in light of the boom in unconventional oil and natural gas production.” 
  • Rosner took a lead role in developing a report that offered recommendations on how to “…support increased investment in efficient gas production and end-use technologies,” including through weaker regulation of natural gas derivative markets. The effort was co-convened with The American Clean Skies Foundation, a now defunct effort to greenwash natural gas launched by disgraced fracking billionaire Aubrey McClendon. 


“Letting Joe Manchin control FERC from beyond his political grave should be a non-starter for every other Democrat in the caucus, ” said Ross.

The ads state “TELL THE SENATE: SAVE FERC. REJECT ROSNER” and will run today, March 20th on Politico’s mobile app in advance of the Thursday hearing.

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