FOE appeals results in big blow to Turkey Point nuclear power plants

Friends of the Earth appeals results in big blow to Turkey Point nuclear power plants

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission halts long-term extensions for nuclear power plants without additional environmental analysis

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission today overturned two extensions granted to Florida Power & Light to operate two nuclear reactors in Turkey Point, Florida for 80 years. The decision was reached in an appeal filed by Miami Waterkeeper, Friends of the Earth, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.  

“The Commission’s decision requires a long-overdue national assessment of the risks from aging equipment and changing climate to our obsolescent fleet of existing nuclear reactors,” said Richard Ayres, attorney for Friends of the Earth. 

“This decision has far-reaching benefits for the environment, but also for communities across the United States who have been living near this dirty, dangerous industry without any opportunity for input into the relicensing process,” said Hallie Templeton, Legal Director at Friends of the Earth. “While today has given us a hard-fought victory, this is only the first of many steps our country must take to protect communities and the environment by phasing out dirty energy.”  

Overturning the two license extensions reverses a dangerous precedent that would have allowed nuclear units to operate for decades beyond the projected 40-year lifespan of the reactors without additional environmental review.  Aging units are more likely to have accidents or other problems that imperil the environment, and continue to pile up nuclear waste for which the federal government has no safe storage place. 

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