Bayer to remove cancer-linked glyphosate herbicides

Bayer to Remove Cancer-linked Glyphosate From Roundup for U.S. Lawn and Garden Market by 2023

WASHINGTON, DC – Bayer-Monsanto announced today that the company will no longer sell glyphosate-based herbicides to U.S. consumers as of 2023, following a costly litigation battle over their cancer-causing weedkillers.

Friends of the Earth and allies have been campaigning to remove Roundup and other glyphosate-based weedkillers from garden retailers based on science linking glyphosate to cancer and other serious health concerns as well as threats to 93% of endangered species.

The decision to remove glyphosate from Roundup is a response to years-long court battles Bayer inherited after acquiring Roundup manufacturer Monsanto in 2018. Over one hundred thousand plaintiffs allege that their non-Hodgkins lymphoma is linked to Roundup use. However, Bayer’s decision only applies to consumer markets – the company will continue selling glyphosate-based formulas for agricultural and professional use.

Kendra Klein, PhD, senior scientist at Friends of the Earth, said this:

This is an important victory to protect the health of Americans, but action on this toxic weedkiller can’t wait until 2023. Major home and garden retailers like Home Depot and Lowes must lead the industry by ending the sales of Roundup immediately.

Despite this win, the battle against this toxic chemical is far from over — massive amounts of glyphosate will continue to be sprayed in parks, schools and on food crops. Retailers and regulators must act now to ban this cancer-linked weedkiller.

Expert contact: Kendra Klein, PhD (415) 350-5957, [email protected]
Communications contact: Kerry Skiff, (202) 222-0723, [email protected]

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