Biden Build Back Better Split Must be Fought

Biden Build Back Better split must be fought

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today President Biden announced his support for splitting the Build Back Better Act into several smaller bills in order to allow the climate provisions to pass through the Senate sooner than the education, healthcare and welfare provisions.

Friends of the Earth president Erich Pica issued the following statement in response:

President Biden’s agenda is alive because of the activists who fought for it over the past year. These same activists are ready to pass all of Build Back Better—not just a piece of it.

Climate justice and social justice are inseparable. Any strategy that seeks to separate them is doomed to fail. This is not a plan to pass a climate bill, this is a plan to pass no bill at all.

Environmental, climate and other progressives must fight to keep Build Back Better together, or else we all lose. Friends of the Earth will not support a bill that separates climate action from the rest of the progressive agenda.

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