BlackRock: Address Indigenous Consultation

BlackRock Stewardship Expectations Must Address Indigenous Consultation And Forest Protection

NEW YORK — BlackRock released its 2021 Stewardship Expectations, giving a window into what we can expect the world’s largest money manager to say and do on climate in the year ahead. On the issue of global deforestation BlackRock says: “In January 2021, we will … deepen our perspectives and expectations on promoting biodiversity and counteracting deforestation. These are topics we actively engage and vote on, particularly in fragile parts of the global ecosystem such as the Amazon Basin and rainforest rich countries in Southeast Asia.”

In response, Jeff Conant, Senior International Forests Program Manager, Friends of the Earth, offers the following statement:

Given the extent of BlackRock’s investments in forest commodities, they must step up their action on deforestation. BlackRock needs to listen to the people who live in and defend those forests. Until now, BlackRock has failed to consult with Indigenous forest defenders, and that needs to change. BlackRock’s new approach needs to include suspending financing to companies that continuously raze rainforests and commit gross human rights violations.

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