Clovis Nomination Stalls, Groups Must Reverse Position

Clovis Nomination Stalls, Groups Must Reverse Position

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite calling for hearings on November 9th, the Senate Agriculture Committee has yet to formally schedule Sam Clovis’ nomination hearings to be the United State Department of Agriculture’s Chief Scientist. This week, it was revealed that as co-chair of Donald Trump’s campaign Clovis encouraged George Papadopolous to meet with Russian intelligence. Clovis, a conservative talk show radio host from northeast Iowa, is not a scientist.  

Friends of the Earth Food and Technology Program Director Lisa Archer released the following statement in response to the Agriculture Committee’s hearing:

Every week that Sam Clovis’ nomination is delayed is a good week. We encourage agriculture groups such as the National Pork Producers Council, and the United Egg Producers to withdraw support for Clovis, who reportedly encouraged his campaign team to collude with Russia.

Every member of the Senate Agriculture Committee should realize that Clovis’ actions make him unsuitable for any role in the Trump Administration. Clovis’ involvement in the Mueller probe is just one more reason that the Senate must reject his nomination.

Beyond his connections to the Russia probe, Clovis is an unqualified, anti-science, climate-denying talk show host with no credible science or agriculture background. Clovis is not a scientist and has no background in agriculture, yet would be in charge of a $3 billion budget and critical decisions that will shape America’s agricultural future. Congress must reject Clovis.

Expert contact: Lisa Archer, (510) 900-3145, [email protected]
Communications contact: Patrick Davis, (202) 222-0744, [email protected]

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