Congress Must Act Now to Protect Dreamers

Congress Must Act Now to Protect Dreamers

Congress Must Act Now to Protect Dreamers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the Friday deadline for government funding approaching, Congress is currently debating short-term funding bills. The current versions of the bill lack any agreement to protect the more than 800,000 young people who have only ever known America as their home. Trump pulled protections for Dreamers in 2017, and without action from Congress, they could be deported.   

Over 80 percent of American voters think that Dreamers should be allowed to remain in our country and apply for citizenship.

In response, Erich Pica, President of Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement:

As we approach the funding deadline, Democrats must make a stark choice: they can protect Dreamers, or they can support the racist views of an unstable president. Members of Congress supporting Dreamers are in a moment of maximum political leverage to gain protections for 800,000 young Americans. Without protections for Dreamers, Democrats should not support the short-term funding package.

In ecosystems, everything is interconnected, and toxic ideas spread as quickly as pollution in our air and water. With their poisonous statements and actions on racial justice, allowing Trump and the GOP leeway on denying protections for Dreamers at this moment in the debate is unacceptable. We have a fundamental responsibility to stand with Dreamers in our common struggle for justice.

Republican majorities in Congress are entirely to blame if they renege on their promises to protect Dreamers and allow Trump’s racism and instability to provoke a government shutdown. Trump’s hostility toward people of color is unbecoming of a world leader and unreflective of the views of the American people. Turning the tide against Trump’s politics of hate and division will only begin when leaders reject policies aimed at dividing families.

No matter the consequences, Friends of the Earth and our members will fight the hate, injustice and corruption of Trump and the GOP. We will pressure Democrats to stand in unity with Dreamers, and will hold them accountable if they enable Trump’s hate and division. Our strength is in our solidarity.

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