Lumbee Tribal Council opposes Robeson LNG Pipeline

Lumbee Tribal Council passes resolution opposing Robeson LNG Pipeline

WASHINGTON- The Lumbee Tribal Council of North Carolina passed a resolution yesterday stating its opposition to the siting of the proposed Robeson Liquefied Natural Gas facility planned for and currently under construction by Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas at its August 27 meeting. If built, the RLNG would be a one billion cubic foot peaking and storage facility located in Robeson County, North Carolina, in a geographic area that is 87.9% Indigenous (predominantly Lumbee) and African American.

The Resolution notes that at no time during the planning process did Duke Energy nor Piedmont Natural Gas consult with the Lumbee Tribal Council about the possible cultural, social, or environmental impacts of the proposed RLNG. Irreparable harm has already been done to historical artifacts due to this lack of consultation or engagement with the Lumbee Tribe.

“Duke Energy and Piedmont Natural Gas must stop the silencing of indigenous people and the mistreatment of their territories,” said Donna Chavis, senior fossil fuel campaigner for Friends of the Earth and an elder of the Lumbee Nation. “This resolution is a sign that the destructive behavior of fossil fuel companies will no longer be tolerated. We stand by the Lumbee Tribe as it continues to fight for it rights and privileges as a tribal nation.”

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