DOE grid study a prelude to polluter bailout

DOE grid study a prelude to polluter bailout

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last night, the Department of Energy published its study of electrical grid reliability. Cheered by the coal and nuclear industries, the study could serve as a pretext for further subsidizing dirty baseload energy.

Lukas Ross, Climate and Energy Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, issued the following response:

A study of our electrical grid that fails to even mention climate change is barely a study worth reading. This is nothing more than the Trump Administration using the pretext of reliability to throw a lifeline to the ailing coal and nuclear industries.

Even more myopic is the study’s endorsement of expedited permitting for new nuclear and coal infrastructure. Despite billions in subsidies, money-pits like V.C. Summer and Kemper cannot compete with clean renewables and are the wrong choice for the future of our electrical grid.

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