Environmental groups demand protections for the right to organize unions

Environmental groups demand Congress protect the right to organize unions

WASHINGTON — In a letter sent today to Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives, more than 61 environmental groups called on the chamber to pass the Protect the Right to Organize Act or PRO Act.  

The PRO Act would make common-sense changes to existing law to enable workers who want to organize and form unions to do so. It would penalize corporations that break the law, limit tactics used to intimidate workers, help workers who organize secure timely collective bargaining agreements, and institute several  changes to better enable workers to act in solidarity with one another. 

This is an opportunity to create millions of good jobs with family-sustaining wages and strong worker protections,” the letter reads. “We need strong, common-sense worker protections like those in the PRO Act to ensure that a sustainable economy reverses rather than reinforces rising inequity. There is no way to build a greener, more inclusive economy without strong, thriving labor unions. 

Read the full letter and review the full list of signers here. 

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