FOE applauds MLGW board decision to leave TVA

Friends of the Earth applauds MLGW board decision to leave TVA, urges Memphis City Council to follow suit

MEMPHIS- The board of Memphis Light, Gas and Water voted today, to end its relationship with TVA and issue a Request for Proposal to procure alternative energy sources for the greater Memphis area. The Board’s decision follows a six-month Integrated Resource Planning process, which found that the utility could save over $130 million per year if it left TVA in favor of cheaper, greener energy. Other analyses, including those commissioned by Friends of the Earth, found that the utility could save up to $333 million per year by leaving TVA.

Herman Morris, Senior Advisor to Friends of the Earth (and former President and CEO of MLGW) and Michelle Chan, VP of Programs at Friends of the Earth, released the following joint statement in response:

Friends of the Earth applauds the MLGW board for liberating itself from TVA and embarking upon a more secure, cleaner and greener future for Memphis. There are billions of dollars on the table in savings for MLGW customers, which are needed now, more than ever. We encourage the city council to show the same leadership and help alleviate this ’utility burden’ on the people of Memphis.

The City Council is expected to vote on this matter in September.

A recent poll found that almost two-thirds of Memphis voters are more likely to vote for Council members who support leaving TVA for lower-cost power to reduce people’s power bills.

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