FoE Condemns Attack on NJ Environmental Justice Legislation

Friends of the Earth Condemns Legal Attack on New Jersey Environmental Justice Legislation

WASHINGTON – Business and labor groups have reportedly challenged New Jersey’s landmark Environmental Justice Law, which allows for the state to better protect vulnerable communities from environmental degradation caused by polluting facilities. The rule, which took effect in April, was a major win for activists who have sought legislation that prioritizes public health and community engagement for areas like Camden and Newark, which are already overburdened by pollution. 

Terrance Bankston, Senior Ports and Freights Campaigner at Friends of the Earth and Environmental Justice Activist based in Newark, issued the following statement: 

Polluters who want a permission slip to perpetuate environmental inequalities and inequity must be checked at the door. It’s not surprising that New Jersey’s Environmental Justice Rule faces legal challenges by those who are most inconvenienced by it – that is, groups representing industries that want to expand facilities while poisoning our most disadvantaged communities. We will continue to advocate for this crucial legislation and ensure that permitting has strict regulations that protect our New Jersey communities from pollution and political bullying. 


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