Friends of the Earth Denounces House Attacks on the ESA

Friends of the Earth Denounces Congressional Attacks on the Endangered Species Act

WASHINGTON – Today, the House passed resolutions under the Congressional Review Act that permanently remove protections for the lesser prairie chicken and long-eared bat, currently safeguarded by the Endangered Species Act. The Senate passed these resolutions in May, leading to strong condemnation from environmental groups. If signed into law by the Biden Administration, they may prevent the federal government from establishing protections for these species in the future – even if they face extinction. Preceding the Senate vote, the White House announced that President Biden will veto these resolutions. 

Raena Garcia, Senior Fossil Fuel and Lands Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, issued the following in response: 

Once again, Republicans are sacrificing critical species for political gain. There’s no scientific basis for removing protections for the lesser prairie chicken and long eared bat, and any attempt to do so is nonsensical and unethical. As the Endangered Species Act’s 50th anniversary approaches, we urge the Biden Administration to veto these and any attacks on this hallmark for species protection. 

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