Appointment of Gina McCarthy to White House Climate Czar

FOE Statement on the appointment of Gina McCarthy to White House Climate Czar

WASHINGTON – In response to reports that President-elect Joe Biden plans to appoint Gina McCarthy to White House Climate Czar, Friends of the Earth’s Climate and Energy Program Director, Karen Orenstein, issued the following statement:
With many bold new climate and climate justice leaders today, President-elect Biden’s choice to recycle Obama appointees for two of the top climate positions is uninspiring. We know Gina McCarthy and John Kerry care earnestly about tackling the climate crisis, but we also know that in past leadership roles, they have often been steeped in the myopia of Washington. We need transformational leadership willing to challenge and lead the fight against the neoliberal and hyper-capitalistic drivers of our dirty energy economy and environmental injustice.  Friends of the Earth will be pushing McCarthy, Kerry and the Biden administration to meet this challenge.  
Communications Contact: Aisha Dukule, [email protected], 202-893-3502
Expert Contact: Karen Orenstein, [email protected]   
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