Friends of the Earth Applauds Twitter’s Climate Topic

Friends of the Earth Applauds Twitter’s Climate Topic

Calls on Congress to enforce similar steps across all platforms

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Twitter today launched a climate change “Topic” that is curated to provide accurate information and keep out climate deniers.

Friends of the Earth Climate Disinformation Campaigner Michael Khoo issued the following statement:

Twitter has taken a positive step which shows it is possible to have online conversations about science that don’t include climate denial. That’s one small step for Twitter, but potentially a giant leap for social media. 

Congress and President Biden should now see that we can expand this practice to cover all forms of climate denial, hate speech, and sexual harassment, and require companies like Facebook to take similar action. We will be monitoring the Topic to make sure climate deniers are not accidentally incorporated. We shouldn’t let a small group of online trolls undermine all conversations for everyone.

Contact: Kaela Bamberger, [email protected], 202-222-0703

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