Groups in NC launch campaign to end Duke Energy’s monopoly control of electric system and public officials

Groups in NC launch campaign to end Duke Energy’s monopoly control of electric system and public officials

When: 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, February 13th, 2019
Where: Family Life Center at First Baptist Church, 101 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC, 27601
What: Press conference — New coalition challenges Duke Energy monopoly
Bobby Jones, Down East Coal Ash Coalition
Donna Chavis, Friends of the Earth, RedTailed Hawk Collective
Amy Adams, Appalachian Voices
Jean Su, Center for Biological Diversity

The Energy Justice NC Coalition is a new collaboration of 15 local, state, regional and national organizations focused on promoting common sense energy policies that will shift the state to a more affordable, safer and secure electric system, and create local jobs and community wealth through allowing consumer choice and competition.  

The coalition is anchored by leaders from communities devastated by worsening hurricanes, Duke Energy’s coal ash negligence, proposal for the massive fracked gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline, hog waste being labeled “renewable” energy, and runaway rate hikes. They’re calling for fair competition in North Carolina’s energy system and an end to the monopoly stranglehold that increasingly is harming communities, businesses and the environment in numerous ways.

The groups will roll out the details of their multi-pronged campaign, which in the U.S., is an unprecedented effort by social justice and clean energy advocates to end monopoly control of a state’s electric system.

Following the press conference, the coalition will hand-deliver a letter to Gov. Roy Cooper, President Phil Berger and Speaker Tim Moore calling on them to lead the way by publicly pledging to stop taking Duke Energy’s campaign contributions and beginning a public process to open North Carolina to energy choice and competition.

Communications contacts: 
Kevynn Gomez, Friends of the Earth, [email protected], 202-222-0709
Jim Warren, NC WARN, [email protected], 919-416-5077
Karen Bearden, 350 Triangle, [email protected], 919-844-9050
Emily Wurth, Food & Water Watch, [email protected], 202-412-1505
Jean Su, Center for Biological Diversity, [email protected], 202-849-8399

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