House E&C climate plan too little too late

House E&C climate plan too little too late

WASHINGTON – The House Committee on Energy and Commerce released the framework for their draft climate legislation this afternoon. Their plan recklessly delays a transition to 100% renewable until 2050 and allows for a series of false solutions, including carbon capture and nuclear power.

In response, Lukas Ross, senior policy analyst with Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement:

To solve the climate crisis we need ambitious leadership, not half-hearted proposals that don’t match the scale of the problem we face. 2050 is simply too little too late. Chairman Pallone is leaving the door wide open for all manner of false solutions, including nuclear, carbon capture and biomass. The climate crisis cannot afford commitments to “net zero” emissions, which could allow for dubious offset schemes.

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground, stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure and ensuring a just transition must be the starting place for any serious climate plan. We look forward to working with the Committee to improve this plan going forward.

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