House GOP Passes Anti-Environment Dirty Energy Package 

House GOP Passes Anti-Environment Dirty Energy Package 

H.R. 1 is a shameless attack on climate, public health and major corporate polluter giveaway 

WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed H.R. 1, a massive dirty energy package that would fast-track fossil fuel projects, gut our bedrock environmental laws and stymie the just renewable energy transition. The so-called “Lower Energy Costs Act” will next head to the Senate, where Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says it is ‘Dead-on-Arrival.’ 

Ariel Moger, Government and Political Affairs Director for Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement: 

The GOP’s dirty and dangerous energy bill is a blatant assault on our environment and a massive giveaway to corporate polluters who put profits over people.  

This package will cut communities out of decision-making processes for toxic projects in their own backyards and price-gouge American consumers by accelerating gas exports overseas. Greasing the wheels for dirty energy will only exacerbate the climate crisis and further obstruct the just renewable energy transition our country and the planet so desperately needs. 

Senate Democrats must reject H.R.1 and all attempts to weaken our bedrock environmental safeguards. 

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