Statement: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Friends of the Earth Statement on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

WASHINGTON — The Senate today passed the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, legislation that addresses transportation, infrastructure, and a wide range of energy-related and other matters. Friends of the Earth released an analysis of the Manchin energy bill, which is almost entirely incorporated into the Act, revealing massive levels of handouts for carbon capture, nuclear energy, dirty hydrogen, and logging. 

Karen Orenstein, Director of the Climate & Energy Justice Program at Friends of the Earth U.S., issued the following statement in response:  

Unprecedented heat waves, wildfires, and droughts are now ravaging the United States, yet the Senate just passed an infrastructure bill that fails to address the climate emergency. With billions thrown at carbon capture and other false solutions, this bill is a gift to the fossil fuel industry and a sucker punch to environmental justice.  

We will work tirelessly to ensure the upcoming budget reconciliation package cuts off the government subsidies sustaining climate polluters, and gives us a chance for a livable future. 

Communications contact: Kaela Bamberger, 202-222-0703, [email protected] 

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