Interior IG: Zinke Abused Travel Privileges

Interior IG: Zinke Abused Travel Privileges, Wasted Tax-Payer Funds

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of the Interior’s Inspector General today released a report finding that Secretary Ryan Zinke mishandled upwards of $25,000 of tax-payer funded travel expenses. Further, he sought to bend agency rules to allow his wife to travel for free on the taxpayer dime. 

In response to the report, Nicole Ghio, Fossil Fuels Program Manager, issued the following statement:

When Ryan Zinke is given a choice between tax payers and himself, he chooses himself. It is absurd that someone who we are supposed to trust to protect our communities and public lands is willing to abuse his office to get free travel for his family.

Between billing tax-payers for an unnecessary romantic trip to Turkey, and the 13 other federal investigations, Ryan Zinke is unfit for office. It is time to fire Zinke. 

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