June 8th World Oceans Day rally to clean up cruising

Media Advisory: June 8th World Oceans Day rally to clean up cruising

San Francisco, CA – On Monday, June 8th, activists and environmental organizations around the world will join together online for World Oceans Day to urge the cruise industry to clean up its act.

WHEN: Monday, June 8,2020 at 12:00 p.m.(PT) on World Oceans Day.

WHERE: https://bit.ly/WorldOceansDay-Rally

WHO: Over 1,000 attendees registered, including members of Friends of the Earth, Stand.earth, Pacific Environment, other Clean up Carnival Coalition partners, Grassroots organizations, leaders from impacted port communities, international partners, and other online supporters.

WHAT: On World Oceans Day Friends of the Earth and our partners will be ‘delivering’ a petition with over 50,000 signatures to the big cruise companies demanding they clean up their act. Friends of the Earth, Stand.Earth, Pacific Environment and other partners will also hold a digital rally which has over   committed to attend. The coalition will also run a full-page ad in the Miami Herald on Sunday.

The cruise industry’s business as usual practices have put our oceans, our climate, and public health at risk for decades. Activists are calling on major cruise lines to stop polluting our air, water and climate by switching to cleaner fuels and ending dumping of poorly or untreated sewage.

As the world grapples with the Covid pandemic, the cruise sector and its ongoing pollution practices that put people and places at risk have been thrust into the global spotlight. Now, cruise ships are idling at ports around the world, and in the U.S. the Centers for Disease Control extending the no-sail order for all cruise vessels in U.S. waters through July (and slammed the industry’s handling of the pandemic in the process). On World Oceans Day activists will send a powerful message to the big cruise companies that pollution as usual is no longer an option.

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