Memphis to save $130M by leaving TVA, report says

Memphis to save $130M by leaving TVA, report says

MEMPHIS – Memphis Light Gas and Water released its final Integrated Resource Planning report on Monday. The report found that the city of Memphis could save $130 million per year if it decides to leave TVA.

Herman Morris, Senior Advisor to Friends of the Earth (and former President and CEO of MLGW) and Michelle Chan, VP of Programs at Friends of the Earth, released the following joint statement in response:

“MLGW’s own report says they can save $130 million per year if they leave TVA in favor of cheaper, greener energy. MLGW’s conclusion, which they arrived at through an exhaustive process of independent analysis, technical critique, and public input, is consistent with all other third-party studies showing the benefits of leaving TVA.

Generating some renewable energy locally will benefit the environment, increase local control of energy resources and, as the IRP report’s findings show, is the more fiscally sound decision for the city of Memphis.

Friends of the Earth calls on the MLGW board and the Memphis City Council to liberate itself from TVA and embark upon a more secure, clean and greener future for its community. We also call on MLGW to institute an aggressive energy efficiency program to ensure that associated cost savings will benefit low-income Memphians. This is especially important in light of the economic hardships posed by the pandemic, which may last for years to come.”

The MLGW board is expected to vote on whether to continue its relationship with TVA on August 19, 2020.

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