MLGW temporarily extends moratorium on utility shutoff

As MLGW temporarily extends moratorium on utility shutoffs, Friends of the Earth urges city to do more

MEMPHIS – Memphis Light, Gas & Water announced that it will extend the moratorium on utility shutoffs by three weeks.

Michelle Chan, Vice President of Programs at Friends of the Earth, and Herman Morris, FOE Special Advisor and former President and CEO of MLGW, issued the following joint statement in response:

Friends of the Earth commends the decision of Memphis Light, Gas & Water to extend its moratorium on utility shutoffs.

We further urge MLGW and the elected leaders of Memphis to maintain this moratorium for the duration of the pandemic. Keeping people’s power and water flowing is the only responsible option during this public health emergency. Without water and electricity, Memphians won’t be able to wash their hands, shelter in homes that are a safe temperature, keep informed about important public health developments, or allow their children to participate in virtual learning.

In the longer term, MLGW must do more to ensure energy security for all Memphians. We call on MLGW to institute ambitious energy conservation programs to bring down utility bills for low-income residents, and to procure cheaper, cleaner wholesale electricity by leaving TVA.

Friends of the Earth, on behalf of its 850 Memphis-based members and supporters, urged the city and MLGW to extend the utility shutoff moratorium last week.

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