Analysis shows 9 dissenting Dems are Big Oil favorites

New analysis reveals the nine dissenting Dems are also Big Oil favorites

Collectively they have received $2.5 million in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry

WASHINGTON – A new analysis from Friends of the Earth shines a light on the Big Oil money behind Democrats disrupting the $3.5 trillion reconciliation process. The analysis shows that the nine Democrats have collectively accepted $2.5 million in oil and gas campaign contributions over the course of their careers, making them among the most prominent recipients in the entire Democratic Caucus.

“The Democrats who are most eager to obstruct reconciliation are the same Democrats who are benefitting the most from Big Oil’s money. That’s not a coincidence,” said Sarah Lutz, Climate Campaigner at Friends of the Earth.

The list includes prominent defenders of the oil and gas industry, like Representative Cuellar, who is the largest lifetime Democratic recipient of oil and gas contributions in the entire House of Representatives. Another signer, Representative González, is the founder and chair of the Oil & Gas Caucus. In addition to their significant oil and gas funding, the signers have frequently voted against ambitious climate action and limits on fossil fuel infrastructure.

“Preventing reconciliation is Big Oil’s best shot at protecting their tax subsidies and limiting competition from renewables,” added Lutz. “This is ExxonMobil’s strategy printed on Congressional letterhead.”

The nine lawmakers demanded last week that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi immediately pass the Senate’s smaller bipartisan infrastructure bill, putting the survival of the reconciliation bill at risk. The reconciliation bill is expected to include funding for the direct deployment of renewable energy. It also represents an opportunity for the repeal of $121 billion in fossil fuel tax subsidies, which the Big Oil has benefitted from for over a century.

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