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Voting rights, environmental groups launch North Carolina redistricting tour

A coalition of voting rights and environmental organizations are launching a redistricting teach-in tour in eastern North Carolina this weekend.

Groups in NC launch campaign to end Duke Energy’s monopoly control of electric system and public officials

The Energy Justice NC Coalition is a new collaboration of 15 local, state, regional and national organizations focused on promoting common sense energy policies that will shift the state to a more affordable, safer and secure electric system, and create local jobs and community wealth through allowing consumer choice and competition.  

Congressional Green New Deal resolution falls short on fossil fuels

The Green New Deal is a strong vision for the future, stuck in the politics of today. We enthusiastically endorse the many pieces of the resolution that call for systemic change.

Carnival Corporation cruise ships put Arctic, Subarctic marine mammals at risk, groundbreaking new map shows

A groundbreaking new interactive map released today by the international Clean Up Carnival coalition shows that nearly half of Carnival Corporation cruise ships traveling through the Arctic and Subarctic pass near or through critical habitats for marine mammals including orca, walrus, and bowhead, narwhal, and beluga whales.

Senators Push Financial Firms to Address Global Deforestation

Eight U.S. Senate offices led by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) sent a suite of letters to the nation’s largest asset management firms this week, calling on them to use their financial leverage to stop tropical deforestation.

Palm Oil Giant Golden Agri-Resources Removed from Dow Jones Sustainability Index after Bribery and Corruption Scandal

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index has removed the world’s second largest palm oil company, Golden Agri-Resources, from its list of sustainable companies.

Senate EPW must reject Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler is a threat to our clean air and water and the absolute wrong choice to lead the EPA. As acting administrator, Wheeler handed the EPA over to the corporate polluters the agency is supposed to be regulating.

New Study: Multiple dangerous pesticides found in food made and sold by Kroger, Walmart, Costco and Albertsons

The report found that oat cereals, apples, applesauce, spinach and pinto beans at the retailers contained detectable amounts of glyphosate, organophosphates and neonicotinoids.

Senate must reject corrupt David Bernhardt for Interior Secretary

Trump today nominated David Bernhardt for U.S. Secretary of the Department of the Interior. Bernhardt, who is currently serving as the Deputy Secretary of the agency, will have to be confirmed by the Senate for the new position.

Groups Call on Lawmakers to Back Green New Deal

A coalition of progressive organizations this week will convene a week of action across the country which is set to include hundreds of events, tens of thousands of phone calls and the delivery of over 100,000 petitions urging members of Congress to transform our economy and energy systems through a Green New Deal.