Trump is stripping protections for Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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New genetic extinction experiment raises environmental and health alarms

Gene drives could have serious and potentially irreversible impacts on public health and the environment. We need to stop these risky experiments from being rushed out of the lab and into the environment and our communities.

New Law Seals Deal in Closure of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Gov. Brown yesterday signed legislation into law implementing the final pieces of a deal to close Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.

California becomes the first state to require plant-based food options in its state healthcare facilities and prisons

Governor Jerry Brown signed into law S.B. 1138, legislation to require that state-licensed healthcare facilities and state prisons provide plant-based food options to patients and currently incarcerated individuals.

As Climate Heats Up, Public Calls for Worker Protections From Heat

The federal government must establish protections for workers who are subject to extreme heat, 61,620 individuals said today in a petition (PDF) delivered to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Over 60 Local Officials Call on the Farm Bill Conference Committee to Reject Local Pesticide Preemption

Today, over 60 local officials from across the country have joined together to send a letter to the farm bill conference committee urging the rejection of a poison pill rider that would preempt local governments from setting their own restrictions on toxic pesticides.  

NEW REPORT: Gene Editing in Agriculture Poses New Risks to Health, Environment

On the heels on the European Court of Justice’s ruling requiring organisms developed using new genetic engineering techniques to undergo GMO risk assessments, and several new studies revealing “genetic havoc” as a result of gene editing, Friends of the Earth and Logos Environmental released a new report today, Gene-edited organisms in agriculture: Risks and unexpected consequences.

NOAA pushes industrial ocean fish farm plan in Florida as red tide death toll continues to climb

“It is unbelievable that the agency charged with ocean stewardship continues to push for such a disastrous industry in our public waterways,” said Hallie Templeton, Senior Oceans Campaigner for Friends of the Earth.

Lawsuit Challenges Tennessee Valley Authority’s Attack on Solar Energy in South

Five climate and energy-conservation groups today sued the Tennessee Valley Authority for imposing discriminatory electricity rates that discourage homeowners and businesses from investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Nationwide campaign calls on Aramark, Compass Group, and Sodexo to reform unjust business practices, invest in Real Food

Aramark, Compass Group, and Sodexo manage over half of the country’s cafeterias at institutions such as universities, hospitals, and prisons. Each year these three foodservice management companies purchase billions of dollars worth of food.

Trump to send new U.S.-Mexico trade deal to Congress

Donald Trump notified members of Congress today that he will send them the text of a new U.S.-Mexico agreement to approve or disapprove this year, potentially cutting Canada out of a new NAFTA agreement.