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Press conference regarding the economic and climate damage that would results from Duke Energy’s proposed 15-year plan

Local government officials and organizations urge North Carolina Utilities Commission to deny 
Duke Energy’s 2018 Integrated Resource Plan.

DOJ Releases Formal Approval of Toxic Mega-Merger between Bayer and Monsanto

The approval of the Bayer Monsanto merger is a disaster for American farmers and families. This toxic mega-merger will only further entrench the failing model of chemical intensive agriculture, which is poisoning people and the planet. The Department of Justice failed to protect Americans from yet another toxic agricultural monopoly.

626 Groups Urge Congress to Phase Out Fossil Fuels, Build Green Economy

We need action on climate that ends our dependence on dirty energy, puts power in the hands of communities and provides good jobs. If candidates and elected officials say they are committed to climate solutions, this is the litmus test.

Civil Society Groups Vow to Oppose “Hateful Rhetoric, Violence, Intimidation and Persecution” by Bolsonaro Government

The election of right-wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro as Brazil's next president represents a crisis for indigenous rights, the Amazon rainforest, and our global climate.

USDA Releases Shoddy GMO Labeling Rule

USDA’s new labeling rules are a disaster, with huge loopholes that could keep consumers in the dark as new GMOs rapidly enter our food supply.

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Approval of Offshore Oil Drilling Project in the Arctic

Conservation groups today filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s approval of the first offshore oil drilling development in federal Arctic waters.

Ryan Zinke resigns amid scandals, corruption

Zinke’s days of plundering our lands and enriching himself and his friends are over. With an average of nearly one federal investigation opened into his conduct in office per month, Zinke’s highly questionable ethics have finally caught up with him.

Dangerous pesticide preemption rider scrapped from 2018 Farm Bill

By keeping this troubling component out of the final bill, committee members stood up to preserve state and local governments’ ability to protect the public from these toxic chemicals. 

New report confirms BlackRock’s big fossil fuel problem

As long as Blackrock is the top investor in fossil fuel development, Larry Fink’s sustainability claims will remain hollow and hypocritical.

Judge Denies TransCanada Request for Pre-Construction Work on Keystone XL Pipeline

Today, a federal judge reaffirmed that TransCanada cannot conduct any pre-construction field activities on its proposed Keystone XL pipeline. This ruling means that construction on the controversial tar sands pipeline will continue to be delayed.