Trump is stripping protections for Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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Groups Call on Trump Administration to Evaluate New Keystone XL Route

Just last month, TransCanada spilled 210,000 gallons of oil from one of the Keystone pipeline just north of the new route

Trump Illegally Dismantles Utah Monuments

Dismantling these monuments is Trump’s latest gift to the corporate interests who backed his campaign. This action is unprecedented and will end up in court.

Military Revealed as Top Funder of Gene Drives; Gates Foundation paid $1.6 million to influence UN on gene drives

Over 1,200 emails released under open records requests reveal that the U.S. military is now the top funder and influencer behind a controversial genetic extinction technology known as “gene drives” – pumping $100 million into the field.

Meat of the Matter: New Guide Equips Cities and Counties to Fight Climate Change through Food Purchasing

The world simply cannot meet its climate targets unless high meat-consuming nations like the U.S. substantially cut emissions associated with meat- and dairy-intensive diets.

Environmental groups, New York activists voice concerns about proposed cuts to the EPA

Friends of the Earth, Food and Water Watch, Environmental Advocates of New York and other allies, along with New York activists and parents gathered outside of Senator Chuck Schumer’s Manhattan office today to protest proposed budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Friends of the Earth holds nation-wide day of action to protect EPA

Friends of the Earth activists across the country held rallies, delivered letters and made calls today urging Senators to defend the Environmental Protection Agency from the deep cuts proposed by the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress.

Fifth round of NAFTA talks draw to a close

Negotiating a new NAFTA that protects family farmers and our environment will never happen as long as Donald Trump is President.

Friends of the Earth goes to court over DOI Monument review documents

The intransigent Department of the Interior continues to hand over America’s public lands to fossil fuel companies despite intense public opposition. Zinke’s refusal to turn over information about these decisions reeks of corruption.

Nebraska PUC Approves Keystone XL Construction

We will not stand by and allow oil and gas companies to ruin our climate and pollute our land, water, and sacred cultural sites.

Fifth Round of NAFTA Negotiations Threatens Family Farms, Health and the Environment

Trump’s rewrite of NAFTA is likely to compound the harms of this system imposed on family farmers, workers, consumers, animal welfare and the environment.