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New York Passes Bill to Ban Dow’s Brain-Damaging Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

New York’s deadline for ending the use of chlorpyrifos will make it the first state to stop use of the chemical. In banning this dangerous chemical, New York legislators are prioritizing public health and the environment.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline protesters target Bank of America’s shareholders

Investors should be aware that Bank of America’s pumping of finance into fossil fuel infrastructure is accelerating climate catastrophe and community destruction. This is bad for the Earth, and bad for investors’ bottom-line.

Court Urged to Reject Trump’s Newest Keystone XL Pipeline Ploy

TransCanada has been unable to meet legal standards for the Keystone XL pipeline, so the White House is attempting to dismantle the constitutionally mandated checks and balances inherent to American democracy for the sake of a foreign corporation.

Friends of the Earth Applauds New York City for Pledging to Cut Meat Purchases in its Green New Deal

New York City is strengthening its climate leadership by acknowledging the importance of slashing consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions associated with factory farmed meat. Eliminating processed meat and cutting red meat purchases will pay dividends for the health of future generations and the planet.

North Carolina senators propose citizen-led redistricting commission to end gerrymandering, restore election justice

The bill, North Carolina Citizens Redistricting Commission Act, will create a gold standard for reforming the current redistricting process and reining in a system that allows North Carolina lawmakers to hand-pick their voters.

Bernhardt another gift to Big Oil

The Senate voted to confirm David Bernhardt as Secretary of the Department of the Interior today. Bernhardt has a long history of working for the oil and gas industries and his former clients include CITGO, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association and the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

Trump executive order another handout to fossil fuel industry

The Trump Administration will issue two executive orders today that expedite permits and limit the ability of states to reject new fossil fuel projects and infrastructure, according to reports.

More than 300 Groups Urge Congress to Make Food and Agriculture Central to the Climate Crisis and Green New Deal Debate

A coalition of more than 300 groups today sent a letter to Congress calling for a Green New Deal that prioritizes food and agriculture solutions to climate change.

Progressives stand fast for just spending levels

Thanks to demands from progressive members of Congress, Democratic leaders were forced to cancel a vote on the House budget bill slated for later in the week.

100+ Groups Call on Bank of America to Drop Support for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

More than 100 organizations today called on Bank of America to publicly commit to no further financing for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and for Bank of America to urge others not to invest in the pipeline project.