Friends of the Earth U.S. Condemns Canadian Court’s Approval of Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion

The Canadian Federal Court of Appeal announced today that it has rejected the legal case by Tribes and First Nations opposing the Trans Mountain pipeline, giving final approval for the tar sands pipeline expansion project to move forward, despite widespread opposition to the pipeline on both sides of the border.

G20 Nations Throwing Billions at Fossil Fuel Industry through Export Credit Agencies

A network of secretive, government-backed financial institutions called export credit agencies are handing more than $31 billion USD per year to the oil, gas, and coal industry, new analysis by Oil Change International and Friends of the Earth U.S. shows.

Lawsuit Threatened Over Trump Administration’s Failure to Cut Airplane Climate Pollution

Environmental groups today threatened to sue the Trump administration for failing to fulfill its obligation under the Clean Air Act to curb planet-warming pollution from airplanes.

Sarasota Community Members, Experts Speak Out Against Proposed Offshore Fish Farm

Today’s hearing makes it crystal clear that Sarasota residents do not want this harmful project off their coast.

Chairman “Frack” Pallone opens door for natural gas, false climate solutions

Chairman Pallone needs to do far more to protect communities and the climate. The proposed starting point for his clean electricity standard is startlingly high.

New California bill would address products linked to deforestation and climate change

California State Assembly Member Ash Kalra today introduced the California Deforestation Free Procurement Act (AB2002). If the bill were to become law, it would tap the enormous purchasing power of California to halt the destruction of tropical forests, a leading cause of climate change.

New Legislation Could Make Maryland the First State to Set GHG Reduction Target for its Food Purchases

Senator Clarence Lam (D-Howard County) and Delegate Jim Gilchrist (D-Montgomery County) introduced first-of-its-kind state legislation this week to set a target of reducing emissions from the food the state and its public universities procure by 25% by 2030.

New analysis finds fracked gas, biomass in Pallone’s 2050 plan

A new analysis from Friends of the Earth and the Partnership for Policy Integrity shines a critical light on the CLEAN Future Act, a policy framework to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 recently released by Chairman Frank Pallone of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Company withdraws request for key permit on Jordan Cove Energy Project

Under heavy grassroots pressure, the Jordan Cove Energy Project today announced it has withdrawn its application for a key permit for the natural gas project.

USMCA and China trade deals combined push planet towards climate crisis

Senate approval of USMCA comes just as the Trump Administration signed a trade agreement with China in which China agrees to buy $52.4 billion of additional U.S. energy products, which will result in billions of dollars in exports of climate-damaging and community-poisoning liquefied natural gas, crude oil and coal.