Trump is stripping protections for Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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Congress Must Reject Regressive Farm Bill

This regressive Farm Bill doubles down on a failing food system that harms our health, decimates soil and pollinators, pollutes our water, and leaves us vulnerable to climate chaos.

Senate prepares to vote on Wheeler nomination

Andrew Wheeler would continue the Trump-Pruitt agenda of fossil fuel worship and corporate favoritism.

Washington Environmental Advocates Stand Behind Puget Sound No Discharge Zone

Keeping ship and boat sewage out of the Sound is good for human health, local economy, and wildlife

DOJ Approves Bayer-Monsanto Mega Merger Despite Significant Concerns from Farmers, Consumers, Environmentalists

The Department of Justice has chosen to green light the Bayer-Monsanto merger despite widespread opposition from farmers and other stakeholders across the country.

Environmental Groups Challenge Permit for Oil Refinery Export Expansion

The Environmental Impact Statement was deeply flawed, failed to account for the acoustic impacts on Southern Resident Killer Whales and failed to account for the real risk of a worst-case spill.

Zinke Backs Away from National Park Fee Increase

Over 54,000 Friends of the Earth members and activists voiced their opposition to the Trump Administration’s plans and reminded Zinke that his job is to protect our public lands, not sell them off to oil interests and restrict access to what is left to only the wealthy.

Digital billboard demanding Pruitt’s firing circles EPA, Congress, and condo rental

Scott Pruitt prefers conspiring in private with polluters rather than defending his corrupt agenda in public

Scott Pruitt rented townhouse co-owned by wife of energy lobbyist

Renting a townhouse from the spouse of a fossil fuel industry lobbyist is the ultimate example of corruption and illustrates exactly why Scott Pruitt must be fired.

Friends of the Earth launches organizing and strategic alliance program; names Liz Butler as Vice President to lead the program

Now is the time to invest in movement-building and developing deeper alliances with social, economic and racial justice organizations as well as transforming our members and activists into real on-the-ground power through grassroots organizing

Trump’s revisions of U.S. – Korea trade deal promise more air pollution and global warming

Donald Trump has coerced South Korea into accepting changes in the U.S.-Korea trade agreement that would increase exports of U.S. cars that fail to meet Korea’s auto emissions standards.