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EPA Sued for Records of Andrew Wheeler Meetings With Oil Lobbyists

The Center for Biological Diversity and Friends of the Earth sued the Environmental Protection Agency today for refusing to release public records concerning meetings and communications with the lobbying firm Faegre Baker Daniels, the former employer of EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

Friends of the Earth Presses Case Against License Renewal for Aging Turkey Point Nuclear Reactors

Friends of the Earth will be appear before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Atomic Safety and Licensing Board in an hearing today, regarding Florida Power and Light’s controversial request to operate the aging Turkey Point nuclear reactors for an unprecedented eighty years.

Nuclear Reactor Closures: Practical, Cost-Effective Solutions Communities and the Climate

The White Paper spells out in detail why nuclear power bailouts would hinder the global fight to combat climate change, and provides practical solutions for phasing out old, uneconomical plants.

Senate Agriculture Committee Must Reject Scott Hutchins as USDA Chief Scientist

The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry will today hold a hearing on the nomination of Scott Hutchins to be the U.S. Department of Agriculture undersecretary for research, education and economics.

Coalition of progressive groups call on Democrats in new Congress to reject fossil fuel money, push bold and aggressive climate policies

As Democrats vie for leadership positions in the new Congress, 47 progressive groups released a letter today demanding that candidates for House leadership posts pledge to reject fossil fuel money.

Senate must reject Andrew Wheeler for EPA Administrator

Andrew Wheeler is a puppet of the fossil fuel industry and a disaster for the EPA. As Acting Administrator, Wheeler has continued Scott Pruitt’s toxic agenda and opened the EPA’s doors even wider to corporate polluters.

California should reduce emissions, not pretend to offset them with tropical forests, says broad coalition

To use dubious forest offsets to mitigate growing emissions by the earth’s elite, as CARB is proposing, is putting out fires with gasoline — it’s as far from real climate action as it gets.

Indigenous forest guardians and environmental justice “sky protectors” rally in Sacramento to denounce tropical forest offsets

On Friday, Nov. 16, environmental justice groups, indigenous people’s organizations, scholars and international forest protectors will hold a press conference and rally at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in Sacramento to denounce the agency’s misguided plan to endorse tropical forest offset credits.

Groups Take Legal Action to Ban Duke Energy Influence Spending

The petition calls for the NC Utilities Commission to prohibit the use of customers’ money for influence spending by Duke’s two Carolinas-based utilities and the parent corporation.

245 farming, farmworker, public health, labor, food safety, and environmental organizations urge Senate to reject Hutchins for USDA science chief

245 organizations representing farming, farmworker, public health, labor, food safety and environmental interests sent a letter to the U.S. Senate today urging them to oppose the nomination of Scott Hutchins as chief scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.