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NRC will ignore impact of climate change in license extension hearing for Turkey Point

The outdated reactors at Turkey Point are at the epicenter of the climate crisis. Rising seas and major hurricanes will wreak havoc on Turkey Point and endanger millions of lives in south Florida. 

For the People: In a Victory for Democracy, U.S. House Passes HR 1

This visionary bill can change the course of discussion of equal representation. Establishing independent redistricting commissions, mandating the disclosure of all campaign donors and making it harder to purge voter rolls — this is what democracy needs to strive for.

GOP stacks climate committee with fossil-funded deniers

The GOP is doubling down on climate denial while momentum builds for a Green New Deal. This group of fossil-funded partisans is out of step with the demands of the American people and has no interest in actual climate solutions.

Schumer-Carper resolution fails the laugh test

This resolution sets a low bar at a time when the fundamental transformation of our economy that delivers on the promise of a Green New Deal is the only real climate solution worth discussing.

Fossil fuel lobbyist Wheeler is unfit to serve as EPA Administrator

As Acting Administrator of the EPA, Andrew Wheeler has served the interests of corporate polluters at the expense of our public health and environment.

Concerned customers swarm Kroger stores nationwide

This week, more than 5,000 people across the country are swarming Kroger-owned (NYSE: KR) stores and delivering letters demanding that the retailer eliminate use of toxic pesticides on the food it sells and increase offerings of domestic organic food to protect children, farmworkers and help curb catastrophic declines of pollinators and other insects.

Canada NEB recommends tar sands pipeline, threatening Salish Sea, First Nations people, and orca survival

The Canadian National Energy Board announced its recommendation today that the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project move forward today, despite widespread opposition.

Clean Arctic Alliance Hails Progress on Heavy Fuel Oil Ban But Warns Arctic Nations To Remain Focused

The Clean Arctic Alliance welcomes the progress made this week at PPR 6. Today, we are one-step closer to improving the protection of the Arctic, its people and wildlife.

Customers swarm Kroger stores in nationwide action to eliminate toxic pesticides from food

Public health advocates, environmentalists and concerned customers will visit Kroger-owned (NYSE:KR) stores as part of a national action February 23-29 to demand that Kroger stop selling food grown with toxic pesticides and increase offerings of domestic organic food.

Expert Report Suggests Alternative Energy Plan Could Save Memphians Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

A new study published today by Friends of the Earth found that Memphis Light, Gas and Water could save hundreds of millions of dollars for Memphis ratepayers if MLGW was to obtain its own power supply rather than continue using power from the Tennessee Valley Authority.