Nuclear lobby’s coronavirus cash grab is shameless

The Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry’s main lobbying arm, is reportedly requesting a 30 percent tax credit for existing reactors as part of coronavirus aid.This is the same demand that the nuclear made repeatedly last fall, well before the coronavirus.

Green Groups Call on Congress to Not Bail Out Rule-Breaking Cruise Industry

A coalition of green groups including Friends of the Earth US, Greenpeace, and wrote a letter today to the U.S. House and Senate leadership opposing any bailout to the cruise industry during the coronavirus health crisis.

Coal industry using coronavirus to push for bailout

The National Mining Association, the lobbying arm of the coal industry, is reportedly seeking a wide-ranging federal bailout in the context of coronavirus aid. Based on a recently released letter the wish-list includes tax breaks, royalty relief, and the use of emergency powers to keep coal plants online.

DOE pushes oil purchases

The Department of Energy announced this morning a solicitation to purchase 30 million barrels of oil to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Maryland Legislators Partially Ban Chlorpyrifos

The Maryland General Assembly passed S.B. 300 today, making Maryland the fourth state to ban Dow’s brain-damaging pesticide.

New analysis highlights major problems with Trump’s promise to “fill up” Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Friends of the Earth released an analysis today raising legal, environmental, and logistical questions about Trump’s promise to “fill up” the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Trump using health crisis for SPR purchases

This afternoon, during a speech declaring a state of national emergency, Trump announced new authority to purchase oil into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, promising to fill it “right up to the top.” This is a move to support oil industry profitability in a low-price environment.

House Bill Would Carve Oceans into Floating Factory Fish Farms

Representative Collin Peterson (D-MN) has introduced a bill that would authorize the federal government to issue permits for industrial ocean finfish farms. These facilities would use giant floating cages to cultivate fish in ocean waters all around the U.S. coast.

Murkowski-Manchin energy bill stalls

The defeat of the bill means a temporary respite from the risks of so-called critical mineral extraction in our wild places.

Memphis Residents Strongly Support Leaving TVA, New Poll Finds

A majority of Memphis residents would like to see Memphis, Light, Gas, and Water leave TVA for cheaper, greener power according to a recent poll commissioned by Friends of the Earth.