Trump is stripping protections for Bears Ears & Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments

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Friends of the Earth stresses holistic benefits of grass-fed beef in response to new Oxford study

Eating less meat is key to combatting climate change, but let’s focus on reducing consumption of inhumane, polluting factory-farmed meat that dominates the US beef market.

Zinke’s Travel Investigated by DOI Inspector General

The corruption of Trump’s cabinet begins at the top. Trump appointed corrupt cabinet members that are using Americans’ taxes as their private piggy bank.

Friends of the Earth statement on the removal of HHS Secretary Tom Price

Tom Price violated the American trust and, while it took far too long, Trump was right to fire him.

Pruitt Takes from Taxpayer Till

Scott Pruitt is enjoying the high life while he does his best to wreck the EPA from inside and rob the American people of clean air and clean water.  

Trump unveils tax disaster

If Trump and the GOP succeed in putting their tax giveaways on the national credit card, the rising deficit will become another excuse to cut the EPA and gut basic protections for our air and water.

Ottawa Round of Secret NAFTA Negotiations Threatens Climate Regulation

The secrecy of NAFTA negotiations has blinded citizens of all three countries to Trump’s effort to write a new trade deal that empowers global corporations to extract, export and burn fossil fuels.

$9 Billion Nuclear Scrapyard: New Aerial Photos of SCE&G’s Abandoned V.C. Summer Nuclear Project Reveal Disarray

Reactor Building and Components Left Unprotected; Most Cranes Removed COLUMBIA, S.C. – Newly obtained aerial photographs of the abandoned V.C. Summer nuclear reactor construction site reveal that there is no protection of installed reactor components from the weather. (See notes below for links to photos.) The photos provided to Friends of the Earth are being released in the middle of the political firestorm in South Carolina about the terminated…

More Than Half of Top 25 Restaurant Chains Commit to Responsible Antibiotics Use in Chicken, But Progress on Beef and Pork Still Lags

According to the CDC, drug-resistant infections sicken at least two million people every year and at least 23,000 die as a result.

Big development banks dominate Green Climate Fund, new study finds

The Green Climate Fund must do better to meet developing countries’ needs as they face the climate crisis.

Report: Algae biofuel claims overhyped

Rushing genetically engineered algae into production ahead of safety assessments and oversight could result in serious unintended consequences. These organisms could become ‘living pollution’ that is impossible to recall