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Judge Denies TransCanada’s Request for Most Pre-Construction Work on Keystone XL Pipeline

TransCanada’s willingness to push the rules in a rush to build this dirty pipeline is deeply concerning and speaks directly to the corporation's effort to bypass environmental safeguards.

Groups Intervene in Federal Lawsuit to Protect Puget Sound No Discharge Zone

Today, Washington Environmental Council, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and Friends of the Earth will intervene in a federal lawsuit against the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Groups target Duke Energy in campaign to end monopoly control of NC electric system and public officials

A new, diverse coalition of 15 local, state and national groups today launched a statewide campaign to end Duke Energy’s monopoly control of North Carolina’s energy markets and public officials, saying the corporation is harming communities, gouging consumers and making climate change worse.

Landmark California Legislation Encourages Climate-Friendly, Plant-Based School Lunch Options

With millions of pounds of animal foods served each year, this bill will help California’s public schools reduce their carbon footprint while serving kids healthier food.

Coalition announces landmark statewide legislation encouraging healthy, climate-friendly, plant-based school lunch options

This first-of-its-kind legislation will increase access to healthy and climate-friendly food for California’s six million kids who receive free and reduced price lunch. It will also help California meet its ambitious climate goals.

New study: Pesticide levels in children and adults drop dramatically after one week of eating organic

A groundbreaking peer-reviewed study published today in the journal Environmental Research found that switching to an organic diet significantly reduced the levels of synthetic pesticides found in all participants – after less than one week. On average, the pesticide and pesticide metabolite levels detected dropped by 60.5% after just six days of eating an all-organic diet.

Voting rights, environmental groups launch North Carolina redistricting tour

A coalition of voting rights and environmental organizations are launching a redistricting teach-in tour in eastern North Carolina this weekend.

Groups in NC launch campaign to end Duke Energy’s monopoly control of electric system and public officials

The Energy Justice NC Coalition is a new collaboration of 15 local, state, regional and national organizations focused on promoting common sense energy policies that will shift the state to a more affordable, safer and secure electric system, and create local jobs and community wealth through allowing consumer choice and competition.  

The Green New Deal is a strong vision for the future, stuck in the politics of today: Congressional Green New Deal resolution falls short on fossil fuels

The Green New Deal is a strong vision for the future, stuck in the politics of today. We enthusiastically endorse the many pieces of the resolution that call for systemic change.

Carnival Corporation cruise ships put Arctic, Subarctic marine mammals at risk, groundbreaking new map shows

A groundbreaking new interactive map released today by the international Clean Up Carnival coalition shows that nearly half of Carnival Corporation cruise ships traveling through the Arctic and Subarctic pass near or through critical habitats for marine mammals including orca, walrus, and bowhead, narwhal, and beluga whales.